Sedation Dentistry

With sedation dentistry, you can fix the years of the neglect resulting from fear of dental treatment, through a relaxed and comfortable procedure.

Hollywood_Sedation_Dentistry_Services_DrIf you feel highly uncomfortable with the thought of visiting a dentist, sedation dentistry is your answer for maintaining good dental health. Dr. Ramirez will administer an oral sedative to put you into a relaxed and comfortable state. You will be awake but very drowsy, and before you know it the procedure will be over and you will have little recollection of the entire experience.

Now, with Sedation Dentistry, you can fix years of neglect due to the fear of dental treatment. See for yourself – try Sedation Dentistry today. However, most of the time – because of Dr. Ramirez’s gentle touch, for which she is widely known – you’ll feel so relaxed with her by your side that you won’t need sedation to take care of your dental needs.